Friday, 4 March 2016

Vincent Van Gogh

                                                    Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent can Gogh was a painter that born the 30 of May of 1853 in Zunder, Netherlands and died the 29 of July of 1890 in Auverse-Sur-Oise, France, he was one of the principal post-Impressionism artist between other artist like Paul Gauguin, Cloud-Emile,etc. But he's carrier start in the years of Impressionism and finally end in the years of expressionism.

He painted more than 900 paints and he draw more than 1600 drawings and one of the principal person in his live was Theo, his brother, he was am art dealer and he sold some of the paints of his brother.

Finally he died by a suicide the 29 of July in 1890 in Auverse-sur-Oise.

Manuel A. Tinoco Tecante 

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