Thursday, 10 March 2016

Plants reproduction

                                                     Reproduction in plants

Asexual : This type of reproduction in is when
this type of reproduction in no need of any kind of help can be played
 avace if their own stem that can do something or other plant.

Sexual : This type of reproduction in need of
another thing such as with bees when they pollinate plants and wings makes another plant that could JOINING .

1.-the type of asexual reprofucion not need another living sge .

2. asexual is that your body only needs one of its parts.

3. plant reproduces only a
His single cell puden reach another plant .

4. with only one of those vegetables pudes
reach millions of the same type of plants.

5. Plants can not only play
asexually also animals like starfish.

1. plants that reproduce sexually require another living being

2. plants reproduce sexually mind will take longer to grow.

3. bees are part of sexual reproduction .

4. In sexual reproduction could not be done in all plants.

5.-a type of plant of this is rose.


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