Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Connection with the read

My connection with Conversation and discutacion is when Fernanda and I Argued because she wanted to play a game and I wanted to play another one. Finally none of us played anything  

      Jose Ricardo

Connection with the book "conversations and discutions".

I conect with the book with a lot of things like when I fighitng with my mom or with my friends or with my cousins.

Santiago Merchant 

How do i connect with the story "conversations and discutions".

I connect with the story because sometimes i discuss with my family and friends. Like sometimes we dont know what to play and one want to play to one thing and the other to something different but we get to a solution.


Connection whit the book "Conversation and Discussions"

                          How I connect with "Conversations and Discussions"
I connect with the book in a lot of things that are very similar to what happened to me or my friends and family, like when in my family we have a free day and we wanna do something but we normally don't get an agree and finally we do an other thing and when I play whit my friend in recess and we don't know what to play or when someone gets angry or sad because she or he do cheat.

Manuel A. Tinoco 


I conect  whith conversations and conflicts when my sister and i are in desgree with my sister and my mother says not for you and for you in a game.


Connection se

1.-I conecto with the reading,conversation and discussion when I am angry with my little cousin.
2.-I connect with the reading when I am angry with my mom and she makes food.


READING POWER " Conversations and Discussions "

1-when I fight with my brother or with somebody of my family.
2-when at last no one was right or no one was wrong.
Eduardo Huerta

Sunday, 25 October 2015

10 facts about Richard Wagner



  1. Was born in today’s Germany in May 22, 1813
  2. When he was15 years he realize that music was his world and decides to work in it.
  3. His first and complete opera was “Die Feen” (The Fairy) which was completed in 1833, but was performed for the first time after his dead in 1884.
  4. He build his own opera theater the “Festspielhaus de Bayreuth.
  5. Wagner was exiled for 12 years because his political ideas (1849-1861)
  6. In 1867 finished his opera the Núremberg’s Singing Masters.
  7. In 1877, Wagner started his last opera”Parsifal” that took him 4 years to finish it. 
  8. He developed a new concept in opera called “Musical Drama”. 
  9. Adolf Hitler was a fan of Wagner, because he used to see his own vision of the Germany nation in Wagner’s operas.
By Eduardo.H.E.

10 facts about José Clemente Orozco

  1. Was born on November 23, 1883 in Zapotlán, Jalisco.
  2. Studied at the “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes” and at the “Academia de San Carlos” at México city
  3. Worked as a cartoon painter for several newspapers under the name of  "El hijo del Ahuizote" and "El Machete"
  4. In 1922 joined Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros trying to retake the wall painting under the sponsor of the government. 
  5. One of his most famous paintings was the series of wall paintings that he did for the “Escuela Nacional Preparatoria” about the conquest, colonization and revolution of Mexico. 
  6. He worked at the United States from 1927 to 1934.
  7. At the United States he did several wall paintings for the “New School for Social Research” at New York. 
  8. At “Pomona College” in California painted a wall about the greek hero “Prometeo”.
  9. In 1946 he was awarded with the national price of Fine Arts.
  10. He died on September 7, 1949.
By Eduardo.H.E.