Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mammal Reproduction

                                                  Mammals Reproduction
Kangaroos babies are called joeys and the adult kangaroos normally meet at the rainy season of the year because the vegetation is green and they can have enough food, the female is able to control when she is gonna be pregnant.

 The baby seals are develop in an egg in their mamas uterus, the males get to tens and they do a lot of aggression to other males this attracts the attention of the females, the males even didn't go eat because they are attentive with the females they like.

The babies rabbit normally mature during 1 months in their mama's milk, most of rabbits have around 1 to 14 kits. female rabbits can be impregnant  again after few minutes of the last litter this means they can have a litter per month! and they even can have around 96 babies per year if they are a lot of time with a male!!


1-The destruction of biomes irregular the mammals reproduction.

2-If we try respectfully the biomes mammals will exist for ever.

3- If all people continue affecting biomes everything will be useless.

4-The mammals reproduction is an unsolved problems.

5-Organizations like Greenpeace are unhappy with the destruction of biomes.

Manuel A. Tinoco Tecante

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