Thursday, 10 March 2016

Sexual and Asexual reproduction of plants

                                                       Plants Reproduction 

1. Most of the plants have male and female reproduction organs.
2. This kind of plants reproduce with the help of other objects like animals or "forces".
3. This plants have different organs wich are named: stigma, style and ovary (this organs are from the female) and the stamen, anther and filament (this organs are from the male), but it didn't matters from wich sex the organs are.
4. Some of the animals that help with this reproduction are bees, butterflies or even  birds
The "forces" that help with this process are the wind and the water.

1. This kind of process doesn't need any help.
2. Each flower reproduce by its own.
3. Using different ways for example: by bulbs, tuberculous, etc.
4. The tuberculous grow more roots in the other side.
5. And the bulbs work because of they because they create roots and the other plant starts growing from the ground.

Manuel A. Tinoco Tecante 

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