Thursday, 10 March 2016


Plant reproduction is the production of new individuals or offspring in plants, which can be accomplished by sexual or asexual reproduction.
Sexual Reproduction:
Sexual reproduction produces offspring by the fusion of gametes, resulting in offspring genetically different from the parent or parents. 
Asexual Reproduction:
Asexual reproduction produces new individuals without the fusion of gametes, genetically identical to the parent plants and each other, except when mutations occur. In seed plants, the offspring can be packaged in a protective seed, which is used as an agent of dispersal.
1.-In sexual reproduction the offspring is genetically different and in asexual not.
2.-Both produce offsprings or individuals.
3.-Asexual reproduction produces individuals without fusion of gametes and sexual do.
4.-Asexual reproduction have 2 types of asexual reproductions.
5.-Sexual reproduction involves two fundamental processes: meiosis, which rearranges the genes and reduces the number of chromosomes, and fertilization, which restores the chromosome to a complete diploid number.

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