Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Kangaroos: kangaroos mate in droves ten kangaroos in each and most males to have the right to be with the female must fight each other and the winner stays with the female.

Rabbit: rabbits mate very quickly and they like other animals have mating period and they can do when they want and that makes it able to have 5 to 7 babies a year.

Seals: apaream the seals in hot coasts and its duration is durable and some species of seals fighting for females.


1.-Try to put trash cans in the woods you undersides of her to the ground to be tossed in the trash cans.
2. Take a weekend to go and clean some rivers, disposing of waste that are in that river.
3. Trees  in many plant where missing much.
4. Not use much water for our basic things.
5. Build health centers for sick or injured animals.


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