Wednesday, 30 November 2011


From Milpa Alta, Southern of Mexico City.

Players: Single or Multiplayer activity.

Elements: Pieces of tile (original format) or small rocks.

The purpose of the game is to junp, one by one, all the squares drawn like forming the traditional "avioncito" from Mexico. Several squares similar to the Taking turns, each player has to throw a rock from the starting line of the first square to the first line of the second square. After that, players have to jump by using only one leg. They will try to take out the rock from the square through one of the borderlines of the square. The most excitng and most difficult part of the game is that players cannot put down their leg unless they have thrown out the rock from the square.

Listening to the teacher and analyzing the circuit.

Everybody enjoyed and learned that Pre-Hispanic tradidtions such as this one have to continue from generation to generation. It's up to us to contiue with them. 

Pushing it to the limit while jumping! Athletic skills were a common fact that day! Kids stayed a long time playing "Temalacachtle".


Everybody was excited about what would have been the recipe for that day. Mashed potates were learned to be prepared and it caused great excitment because several days earlier on Danie's birthday they tasted the  well-known mashed potatoes of KFC, something they liked very much.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe.

In the beginning, kids were wondering about what to do with a whole potato. Where to start? What to do?
Fortunately, Miss Brenda is an experienced cook, so they had increased their cooking skills.

Hactor, Angel, Daniee, Sofie and Saul listening to their teacher's instructions.

Leonardo and Julio were very interested while cutting the potatoes. Several days after the task they told me that they thought they were cutting yam beans instead of potatoes.

Daniee was extremely happy during her birthday! All children had great fun!

Rebe, Xime and Sofie show their happiness in order to support their very nice friend Daniee!

Some of the boys form the class just after having sung the classical "Happy Birthday" to Daniee.

Daniee's birthday:

Thank you Daniee because of having shared good day with of us at school.
Hope you've had a great day! KFC and cheese cake were excellent!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Salón 6th grade quinto
El caballero de la armadura oxidada Es de Robert fisher.
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