Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rescue mission

Rescue mission.

It all started in 2680 when a ship
special mission to verify that it was a satellite is in orbit
land, heading through the galaxy to explore different worlds.
they would go to a group of 3 people and their names were Bryan, nia and Martin.
When was the day of the launch martin Avia transgressed his love nia and start counting 3,2,1 regresiba we go.
when they came to see was the satellite commander says to him good luck and tubieran care but what was not expected was that some meteorites approached them first Bryan told the others that lost communication and saw the radar and saw the meteorite approached.
When and they were prepared and knew how did the ......
nia, when he woke look at others, but what we found was the body of Martin after his pain true love was to look for Bryan, but when he found was unconscious and woke up and tried to repair what was left of the ship.
but there was a big problem was the control center and repair SMASH nia but Cunta something when they finish fix the ship behind only the ship will be able to turn it on.
when told nia him Bryan offered his life to sarvarla because that would make enlightened Martin and nia came from the bands earth, but Bryan died from lack of oxygen and so far at home thinking about his two favorite person for true love and Bryan Martin hero who saved his life.



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