Thursday, 3 March 2016

Extreme weather

-rain:is a type of climate disaster.
-clouds:is a important part of the cycle in the weather.
-sun:is a star that give hot for the solar system.
-storm:is a type of climate disaster.
-thunderstorms:is a type of climate disaster.
-floods:is when the water go more up that have to be.
-snow storm:is when the the earth have more snow.
-tornados:is when the hot air and cold air united.
-hurricane:is how a tornado but in the ocean
-cumulonimbus:is a type of cloud that produce a extreme air.

1.-a cumulonimbus predicate a rain or a thunderstorm
2.-in the earth we have more types of storms and one is snow storm that have more snow.
3.-I love the sun because take out the clouds and destruct the snow.
4.-I hate the rains and storms because do floods. 
5.-a type of clouds is cumulonimbus and do storms.

I think that the extreme weather is so terrible for the humans because we do this with the global contamination and destroy the  habitats of the animals and in side out of this the earth it be a planet with humans die because the extreme weather.

I going to talk you about 3 types of climate disasters that affected all the world.

1.-el niño.

2.-la niña.

3.-el niño Godzilla.


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