Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The man that arrived to Egypt and discovered Christmas

One day a man arrived to Egypt because his boss sent him to Egypt to work 3 years, he didn't now any  traditions in Egypt but he discovered that in Egypt Christmas is in January 7 they he eat Fatta with rice and meat with a Egyptian family they tell him that  Christmas cards are also a highly respected tradition in Egypt, they  go to bazaars and he discovered that people in the bazaars give all the things at low prices and something very important is that at midnight, during Mass, the church bells began to peal , announcing the arrival of Christ to the world and many temples in Egypt are considered part of the route of the Holy Family on their journey through the country but when pass the 3 years he had to went but he like a lot Egyptian traditions and he  remain in Egipt another year.😄

By: Gustavo 

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