Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bruise lost in Egypt?

In a big land of sand, there was a young guy called Bruse, but he was lost In the hot desert of Egypt. One day he was walking alone when he saw two men in a van, he ask them if they could take it to the city, the men didn't said anything and they kidnaped. When he woke up he was attached to a chair with a cloth in the mouth so he couldn't speak and the men in the van were distracted so he and other men were trying to escape and they could, some of them went to the city and some of them were just trying to run, but he was just trying to go home to have a great Christmas with his family, that was on Egypt. At the next day he went to the city to search for a car but they weren't, there were only camels but the worst thing was that he didn't have money because the men stole him, so he decide to go walking to her wife's house. Finally he arrived to the house and he enjoyed the dinner with his family.


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