Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Perfect Christmas

An Egyptian girl named Azeneth  was waiting for Christmas eve on January 6th.  She was preparing her backpack , when she  was ready, her mother Isis told her that they couldn't  travel in the hot air balloon to their grandparents' house because there was a lot of snow.  Azeneth insisted that they could go by car.
When they were driving they had to  stop the  car, because of the snow storm and they had to stay in the "Rainbow hotel"  some children in the hotel were waiting for Baba Noel and were decorating the place with a Christmas Lebkuchen and eating food .
Azeneth's grandparents called her daugther.   They were worried so  Isis told them  they had to spend the night at the hotel.  Azeneth  asked a wish to Baba Noel, she closed her eyes.  Her wish became real!!!!   When she opened the biggest present her grandparents were inside!!!!

The following day all the family travelled back in the hot air balloon and they had the most fantastic and magic Christmas.

Camila Velasco


  1. The story is very nice, but you should correct some mistakes, like tenses, some words and punctuation.
    Miss Cynthia.

  2. Cami, I edited your story so we can work with it next time that Guillermo comes.
    Miss Cynthia