Tuesday, 9 December 2014



NARRATOR:This is a real or a dream history but that doesn't matter once upon a time Phileas Fogg and Passepartout traveled through Egypt and is where our story begins.

PHILEAS FOGG:Passepartout finally we arrived to Egypt,which means that our search Perfume Pharaoh Hatshepsut is about to begin.

PASSEPARTOUT: Hey!! look owner what is that?

PHILEAS FOGG:Those are the fireworks that are setting them in Egypt today is Christmas.

PASSEPARTOUT: Owner  to finish our sought in Egypt we can celebrate Christmas please .

PHILEAS FOGG:Well just because it's Christmas we can pass before then continue our search .

PASSEPARTOUT: Thank you owner.

NARATHOR: Phileas Fogg and PASSEPARTOUT to reach Egypt saw people celebrating dancing and dining  PASSEPARTOUT asked someone the meaning of her dancing and answer only one person knew that she knew language.

AOUDA:In these dances that we want to convey joy to all , leaving the mind to travel through time in these so very important holidays in our religion. It's his way of saying thank you for all you 've had this year and ask for good things to come.

PHILEAS FOGG:That's very interesting lady could talk more about how they celebrate Christmas.

AOUDA:If gladly please follow me.

PASSEPARTOUT:Lord the truth is interested me most this Christmas issue of the perfume.

PHILEAS FOGG:Me too Passepartout.

AOUDA:It is also tradition , going to midnight mass at which attendance is almost mandatory because they bless the year that is to come in and do our gods prayers thanking our fortunes and wealth.

PASSEPARTOUT:  Lady I investigate that also the birth of Jesus is celebrated here in Egypt on 25 December, but January 7.

PHILEAS FOGG:You were ready!!.

AOUDA: You are correct Passepartout.Christmas in Egypt is beautiful just not everyone knows but now you already know and you too (LOOKING TO THE PUBLIC).

NARATHOR:Phileas Fogg and PASSEPARTOUT celebrated Christmas at maximum in Egypt with his new friend Aouda.

PASSEPARTOUT:This is the best Christmas of my life.

                                      THE END


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