Tuesday, 9 December 2014

                                  Around the world in 80 days

In December 25 Phileas Fogg and passepartout. They are happy because is Christmas there celebrate vessel. but the vessel is with technic problem and the place more close country is Egypt he go for Egypt. He they saw the person is not celebrate Christmas there are very sad he stay in a beautiful hotel
of 5 ⭐️. In the room he celebrate Christmas with fruit because they don t find steak. 
A president of Egypt was angry because they snatched things of the grave of Tutankamon the president think that they do  Phileas Fogg and passepartout. They order that they kill   Phileas Fogg and passepartout. That they learned he hid in different place.they hid in Luxor and they saw the thief they discover because he had a lioness of gold he catch here and they hand over for the policed.
There are very happy because he celebrate happy new year and he celebrate Christmas  in January 6 in the Other day he go to another place to Bombay in a airplane.

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