Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ferdinand de Lesseps and Christmas

There was once a man called Ferdinand de Lesseps, who dreamed in making a channel that crossed trough the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.
One day, when he was 54 years old, with the help of the crown prince Said, he started to design a channel that passed trough the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.
When he started the project, he didn't thought about the politic and geostrategic implications, when the Britannic government realize about that project, it started to push the Egypt government to stop the project because it united India with England by the Mediterranean Sea. But it didn't make it, and the project continue.
The dead of prince Said, affected the project, because it was relief by Ismail Pacha, who tried to stop the project by getting the constructors out of there, but Ferdinand de Lesseps introduced modern machines.
One day in January 7th they celebrated Christmas by stop working and eating the Egypt typic food.
And every one lived happy for ever!!!

José (Pipo)

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