Saturday, 24 October 2015

10 facts of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

1.Johan Chrysoslomus Theophilus Mozart was born in Yanuary 27, 1756 in Salzburgo. 

2.He was an Austrian composer and pianist, master of classicism considered one of the most best and most influential musicians in history featured. 

3.With only five years he composed musical works and his performances were the appreciation of Aristocracy.

4.Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote his first compositions in shadow of Mozart.

5.Mozart had six children.

6.He had a sister, Maria Anna.

7.When he was six he played with passion a lot of instruments.

8.He could read music at fist glance, he had an exellent memory, and an inexhaustable ability to improve musical phrases.

9.He had economic dificults.

10.He die on December 5, 1791.


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