Friday, 23 October 2015

10 facts about Vivaldi

                                          10 Facts about Antonio Vivaldi
Antonio Vivaldi born the 4 of March in 1678 in Venezia, Italy and he died in Vienna the 28 of July in 1741, his occupation was violinist, composer, a businessman of opera and poup, he was nicknamed "Il prete rosso" (the red poup) because he had red hair.

1-Vivaldi was born the 4 of March in 1678.

2-He's mother lastname was Calicchio.

3-He wrote more than five hundred concerts.

4-He was a compositor, violinist, businessman of opera and poup.

5-In 1737 he was accused for not give catholic mass, but he didn't do it because he has pneumonia.

6-Vivaldi had a very special tone for his concert, an other compositor say that he wrote the same concert five hundred times, for that tone.

7-His father was also violinist.

8-One of his famous songs was the forth season "le quattro stagioni" .

9-Vivaldi was also named the red poup "il prete rosso".

10-He died the 28 of July of 1741 in Vienna, Italy.

Manuel A. Tinoco 

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