Sunday, 25 October 2015

10 facts about Richard Wagner


  1. Was born in today’s Germany in May 22, 1813
  2. When he was15 years he realize that music was his world and decides to work in it.
  3. His first and complete opera was “Die Feen” (The Fairy) which was completed in 1833, but was performed for the first time after his dead in 1884.
  4. He build his own opera theater the “Festspielhaus de Bayreuth.
  5. Wagner was exiled for 12 years because his political ideas (1849-1861)
  6. In 1867 finished his opera the Núremberg’s Singing Masters.
  7. In 1877, Wagner started his last opera”Parsifal” that took him 4 years to finish it. 
  8. He developed a new concept in opera called “Musical Drama”. 
  9. Adolf Hitler was a fan of Wagner, because he used to see his own vision of the Germany nation in Wagner’s operas.
By Eduardo.H.E.

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