Saturday, 24 October 2015

10 facts about Gerzo and Shubert

He produce a torrent includding operas and syphonies, he use 20 piano works and 50 chorus works, he use quarters, quinters and octents, he born in january 31, 1797, he die in november 19, 1828, Saleri was a great teacher for Schubert, Saleri was the favorite teacher for Schuber when he was seven, he made his first masterpiece when he was 17, he can play the piano and he was a compositer and pianist.

His mother was a singer and a pianist from Berlin, when he was six months old his father die, he sold his statues and art collections, he began to draw a paint by and attrative women, he presented an exibition in Cleveland muesum of art, he was so encorage  to presented his works in a show, in1941 Gerzo and his wife moved to Mexico, he continue to designed costumes and sets for the theater, he make some paintings by the war and in all his pictures he use textures and colors.

Miranda Rojas Medellín.

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