Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The history our alebrijes

The history our alebrijes 
Once upon  a time there was 3 best friends and they were  happy because they help the environment  and their job was Awesome.
Their powers were : fly,teleport to another place and being invisible .that powers were for help the planet and saving people for the Curse, they were always together and never fight against each other because the always be together.but one day a monster wanted to conquer the world so the three alebrijes had to save it they stay together all the time but one Hirt  and had to leave the battle so there were only two of them ,the second one was weight so their were only one she doesn't know what to tho so she give them a poison to get better .they won the battle and always being happy.

Ximena R, Alexia A, Regina M

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