Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The grate party.

                                                     The great party

A long long time ago in a animals country there was going to be a party and there were going to be many candies and cakes and pizza but there was an bad animal that  wanted  all the food for his self mr.rabbit so he stole it and took it to an island were there were only vegetables and strange thing like monkey brains or cow lungs, they try to chose him but he was to fast and got to his secret bunker and they had to fined him before the party stranded in 2 days so they told the 2 more brave strong the dragon fly  and kigan the turtle so they went and they found the first test they headed to eat scorpions and a vegetables soup but they eat it. after they threw snails in a deep hole and they headed to jump throw broccoli and they didn't want to fall in the hole but one of them  almost fell and the other one help him they got to the bunker and  and they found mr.rabbit. mr rabbit was mad that they found him and that they will take his candy pizza and cake that he found. So he got a kaka gun and shot yucky vegetables at them. But then he rand out of vegetables so they went to go get the candy and the pizza and they cake. Then mr.rabbit said that he wanted dome too. So they said that they can all share the pizza, candy ,and cake.

Gael Reyes Fenig, Andres Estrada Salasar, Angela Ariel Aquino.

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