Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Our Alebrijes story

                       The fox and the dragón flys

          Once upon a time there were two little dragon flys and one day they decide to explore the forest there they met a fox. The two little dragon flys were scared and tried to run away. One of the dragon flys wings' got caught on a spider web. "Help, help!" She screamed to her friend. The fox came trotting over to her and said "I can help you get down if you want" said the fox. But the dragon fly still scared said nothing. "HELP!" She screamed once more but the other little dragon fly simply said "hey fox you won't eat her will you?" "No of course not" said the fox back. So the fox took the other little dragon fly down. "Thank you, thank you I may not know why you helped us but thank you." After that the little dragon flys visited the fox every day.

                                 The end

The message of this story is that we have to know that the help that others can give us can be very helpful and not discriminate the people or the thing by their appearance.

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