Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Once upon a time their was a boy that didn't have friends. He did not have friends because they lived in the forest away from him. The boy did not have a family because they died in a car accident. He has to survive by himself in a forest alone. Lucky for him his father was an explorer so he knows how to survive by himself. This boy's name is Diego Bermus and he is Mexican. Diego made a alebrijes to remember his parents that died in the accident. Diego made three alebrijes. The first one was a firefly which represented his sister. The second one was an owl which represented his father. Lastly he made a fox to represent his mother. Whenever he is about to go to sleep at night he puts the alebrijes all around him. This is for protection from his family. One morning when he woke up the alebrijes were all gone. When he got up he could not believe his eyes. His family had came to life but in animal form. The boy was so overjoyed because he thought his family would never leave him alone again. Years went by and they were altogether but too many years passed. Diego got so old that he died. Weeks went by and his family was sad until one day. Diego magically became a alebrijes just like the rest of his family. The legend in the story is that all of the family protects the forest.

By Diego L, Diego B and Nirbaan.

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