Tuesday, 24 March 2015



The Mexican culture reflects our country's history and our different languages like: 

1- Maya in Yucatan
2- Huasteca in Veracruz
3- Nahuatl, Tarasteca, Totonaca, Otomi and Mazahua mainly in the Mesa Central Region
4- Zapoteca, Mixteca, and Mazateca in Oaxaca 
5- Tzeltal and Tzotzil in Chiapas


The Mexican Armed Forces have two ranches: The Mexican army (which includes the Mexican Air Force), and the Mexican Navy. 

Some of the places important of Mexico are the pyramid of Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Pauime Ruins, Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl. 

The total area 1,972,550km
- water (%) 2.5
-population 118,395,054 (11th)

Camila and Vanessa

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