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Pastorelas Stories

A crazy pastorela 

One day they were some shepherds in the farm suddenly they saw an angel coming down in the sky they were very scared because they thought that were bad news but the Angel told them these are not bad news the salvor is coming soon the star of Belen will wide you but I most warn you the demon has sent 3 slabs pollution junk food and a giant lizard in their way they found a giant cloud of pollution one of them try to go throw it but he got intoxicated another one was a doctor so she make an immunization they  were all immunization so they began cropping  plants to get out the pollution but it was too late her friend was history and they could pass in the way they found sponge bob and a junk food restaurant and one of them was so hungry that eat it the junk food and was sick the other 2 were very hungry and they found a giant lizard , and they killed her and eat her they go to Belen and the savior was born but the demon wanted to take him and convert him to a demon but the last shepherds save him then the 3 wise man arrived and lock him at las they have a party.
Diego B
Regina M
Gael R

The Magic pastorela.
One upon a time in the past there was a demon who didn't  want to new baby Jesus to be born,so he send two of his demons who are bob esponja and another part of the neighbored the shepherds were walking to another country,but then an angel comes to him and talk him that the new baby Jesus it will be born. but Patric and bob appear and they want  to change the way of go to Belen and Bob and Patric want to play with jellyfish but the John Cena appear and send to bob and Patric to his the middle of the  desert appear the three wise man and they do spell to go faster to visit  the new baby Jesus.

Sofia O.G
Diego L.M 
Emiliano V.T

                                              Mary, Jose and Jesus
Once upon a time in a city was a virgin woman called Mary that live in an apartment. She worked cleaning a mansion and she went to her house very late.   One day she was looking her in the mirror but she didn't look her reflect. Then she looked an angel called Gabriel then the angel tall her that she will have a baby and she have to call the baby Jesus and the baby have to finish the contamination. Mary was very surprised because it was impossible that she, being virgin she had a baby. She went to the street and she looked a man that wanted to be with her the man was called Jose they married at the tree months, they did have a house because with the boding they didn't have money for the rent. Then they passed the nine months and baby born and Mary, Jose and Jesus want to fine a house because they have to pay the hospital. Then they want to fine a house, but all the people said to they tap they didn't have space for they but in a house a man said to they that he have a service room in the service room appeared the Angel and the Angel said that now you have the king in hands, you can't have another child, Jesus have three uncles Merchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. Whe. The Angel Gabriel disappeared, the sherds knocked the door telling that a devil tried to convince that the child Jesus didn't born, but they followed the Belen star and the three uncles appeared giving to the child Jesus gold, incense and "Mirra" . When Jesus grew up he eliminated the contamination. 

By Andres E.S
Daniela C.M
Arturo E.B

Jesus, los angeles y el diablo 

Había una vez un planeta que tenia dos países que estaban en guerra uno era subterráneo y el otro en el aire ,1 era el bien, el amor y la amistad , el otro era el mal ,el odio y abundancia  no había una forma que los uniera , en 1 eran puros diablos , en el otro habían dioses y ángeles y ese mundo y ese mundo de y en medio de esos países había otro país que eran puros mortales ,cada día un diablo subía al país intermedio a reclutar gente e para que se fuera del lado del mal.un día un ángel llamado Gabriel bajo a decirle a una señorita llamada Maria estaba esperando a un bebe, se iva a llamar Jesus y iva a ser el salvador -(Maria estubo impresionada y se pregunto que iva  su hijo del mal como lo iva a vencer, viajaron a Belén siguieno a una estrella y cuando llegaron el niño Jesus nacio ,cuando crecio el niño Jesus derroto al mal y la hera de el mal se termino y el mundo entero vivió felis para siempre y Jesus con su mamá se fue al mundo donde pertenese al mundo de los dioses.
Ashley A.A ,Camila R.P y Erwin T.S


Once upon a time in the center of the earth some demons were there planing how to destroy the love 2 weeks before they know that a god will be born so in the other part  Mary and Joseph.

In Mary's house an Angel appear to Mary and tell her that she is going to have a baby named Jesus she was scare but the Angel said

-Don't worry you are going to be ok

Next day Mary went to talk with her cousin named Fernanda, Fernanda was scare and surprise.

9 months later Jesus born and all the people give he presents but there is one that don't give a present because is the demon and he only want that Jesus die so he make all he can for a lot of years but he can't do anything. When Jesus was an adult he make a lot of bad things to the city and the demon was angry so he make his last plan he go with Erodes and told he that the he is the only one that can kill Jesus so he order to the knights that kill he. Mary was so sad and she cry all the day.

                            Manuel Arcos, Ximena Rojas and Sebastian Sanchez

                                                 El nacimiento del niño Jesús
Hace muchos muchos años dios le pidió al Arcángel Gabriel 👼🏻que le dijera a la Virgen María👩🏻 que iba a tener un bebé👶🏽 y ese bebe👶🏽 iba a ser El Salvador de ; de repente Santanás😈 escucho toda la platica💬 él iba a impedir el nacimiento del niño Jesús 👶🏽
Por lo tanto el Arcángel Gabrie👼🏻l les dijo a los pastores.🙇🏽🙇🏼🙇🏻 Que iban a tener que ir a Belén a ver al salvador (niño Jesús) y los pastores🙇🏻🙇🏼🙇🏽 ¡¡querían conocerlo!! Y cargarlo en sus brazos así que sin decir más,los corrieron pero se preguntaron🤔🤔 quién nos va a guiar fueron con el Arcángel Gabriel👼🏻 y les dijo que siguieran a la estrella más grande⭐️ más luminosa🌟 y más bella✨ así que satanás😈 subió al cielo e hizo la estrella ⭐️más grande pero esa estrella no era la estrella de Belén así que los pastores🙇🏼🙇🏽🙇🏻 siguieron la estrella de satanas 😈y no la de Belén se dirigieron a un laberinto🍀 si los pastores lo lograban conocerían al niño Jesús pero, si no se iban a quedar en el infierno por el resto de sus vidas los tres pastores se pusieron de acuerdo y llegaron a la puerta el fin del laberinto.🍀se fueron a Belén y vieron nacer al niño Jesús👶🏽,después llegaron los reyes magos👳🏿👳🏽👳🏻 y le trajeron regalos 🎁🎁🎁
Melchor le dio mirra 👳🏽
Gaspar le dio incienso 👳🏻
Baltasar le dio incienso 👳🏿

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