Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Our school Year

During this school year we leart very important things.

We learnt that a healthy life it's important because your life cycle is longer.For example in my house I always take a bath,and wash my hands.The benefits to have a healthy life: you will be healthy, and if you get sick is just for a while.
-Alexis Garcia,Luisa G,Karla Yunnuen & Daniela Cabrera

We also discovered about biomes and ecosystems.

And we discovered the incredible life of plants and how they reproduce.

We researched about different forms of energy:

We discovered space with the space explorations and NASA projects

And we became poets:

My Cat
By Ivan Griera

My cat is fat
He eats milk and meat
He plays with me
And hesleeps in bed of leaves
He likes the sun
And he has fun
He loves wood
And makes Crazy loops
He is very lazy
But he is amazing
I love my cat
Even if he is fat.

By Alex Mancera

I love Vacations
Because there is a lot of action
Some days we have fun
And other we enjoy the sun.

I enjoy every weekend
Playing with my best friend
We use a ball to play soccer everyday.

We put effor in what we do,
We will go to Spain
We just want to playand have some fun
I want to be like Messi to only play and play
I am good at what I do because I run and run.

By Daniela Cabrera

Beauty is beauty, everyone has it
Maybe is on his hair or his eyes
Or maybe in the the way he laughs.

Beauty is beauty and every person in the world has it
But the must important part is that everyone has beauty
in his heart.

My Dogs
By Fernando Cortés Rueda

Three dogs I own
Three dogs I have
And when I am gone
I think I hear them bark.

They Like to walk
And they are my friends
I wish they could talk
That would be great.

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