Wednesday, 9 July 2014

If I had the power to go back in time, where would I go?

Dany Cabrera:

This year was an awesome year, we met new friends, learnt new things, had fun...but I'm going to talk about the 3 first months of the year.

In August we start the new grade, we did really nice things like: 
-We met our new classmates and teachers.
-The welcome event.
-We saw our old friends.

It was the best month! If I had the power to stop the clock I would stop it at the first day at school, because I met Gaby.

But September it's important too. In September we did so many activities like:
-We celebrate the Independence Day.
-We did a dance representing the Mexican soul.

It was so funny! If I had the power to stop the clock I would stop at the dance, why? Because I don't enjoy it a lot, no because I didn't want to it was because I was so nervous.

October! Maybe 1 of the best months ever, why? Because it's HALLOWEEN, I guess everyone likes Halloween right?
Well here in the school we:
-Celebrate Halloween with a party.
-7th grades did a terror house.
- We ate candies.
It was terrible! If I had the power to stop the clock I would stop it at the terror house, because I would like to go 1 more time inside of it.

Thanks for this amazing year!

Seb Farías: 
If I had the power to stop the clock I would like to stop it in August because was when I met miss France because she is super cool and very funny, then the school started and I met the funniest guy ever: Luis, then I met Gaby, Ivan, and my bro Eduardo.

In October was Halloween, the scary house from 7th grade was so scary XD.In October(too) I invited my best friends to my house tona and Robert, we play Xbox all the night, then we saw the fight of the Canelo vs Mayweather eating quesadillas.

In September was the independence day and we spend all the day playing to the war, then out of the school my mother took me to to eat pozole and tostadas.

I learned how to share the time with my friends.

Alex Mancera:
If I were able to stop the clock I would do it at halloween to eat a lot of sweets with my best friends (Diego,Fosho,Chavez and Daniel) to play with them and have some fun. I would play FIFA and other games to have a super day with my brothers (friends).I would play soccer day and day and day with them because all of us love it. Oh! and in halloween I would love to make a party with costumes like the exsorsist to scare other people hahaha.

Sebastián Chávez: If I could have the power to change the clock. In August I would return when I met Alex Mancera my best friend. September I would like to return when I knewn my FRIEND Luis and when I went to the house of Diego whith Fer and we play all the day. I would like to return to October to the horror house of 7th grade it was so much fun.

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