Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Edward Robot boy. Play

Sixth Grade                                       

   Mother’s Day Assembly        May 2014  

Edward Robot Head (a different boy with an enormous heart)
Edward – Diego López
Kim – Daniela Cabrera
Jim –Alex Mancera
Edward’s Dad – Sebastián Chávez
Marty McFly – Sebastián Farías
Dr. Emmet Brown –Ivan Griera

John – Alexis García

Andrew – Fernando Cortés

Joe – Luis Alfonso Orozco
Jane – Gaby Contreras
Alice – Karla Buenrostro
Robert – Roberto Serrano
Harry – Eduardo Angilella

Please Click on the links to hear the music, and practice at home

Marty: Hey, Doc? Doc. Hello, anybody home?
(Phone rings)
Emmet Brown: Marty, is that you? Over here!
Doc: Welcome to my latest experiment. It's the one I've been waiting for all my life: a time machine!
 Marty: So you are telling me we can go anywhere in time with this DeLorean?
Doc: Anywhere! Where would you like to go? What would you like to see?
Marty: I would like to see the future. What will schools be like?
Doc: Well fasten your seat belt, Marty.
(Time travel music)
Doc: The year is 2280, and though this doesn’t look quite like earth it is a little town
somewhere in California.
(They hide to see what is going on)
Doctor: Mr. Jones, I have good news: it's a boy!  He is healthy, but he had some problems during birth. Nothing to worry about, there is nothing a little technology and some robotic parts couldn't do. The side effects are only aesthetic. Nothing to worry about.
Doc: Amazing! Truly amazing! Half robot humans!

(Narrator returns to his time machine)
Marty: I'm curious, what will the life of this kid be like?
(Time travel music)
Father: Well, son, this is it: your first day as a high school student. Are you thrilled?
Edward :( hesitant) Yes, father, I Am.
Father:  This will be an amazing experience; after all you are a talented, smart boy.
Edward: I'm a little worried about... About my looks.
Father: Son, the fact that you look a little different doesn't mean you’re should worry about it. We are all different and that is what makes this world and interesting place to live in. Do you think I would be and important inventor if I wanted to be like everybody else?
Edward: I guess you are right, dad.
Father: Good luck, Edward. Remember I love you
(Father leaves and Edward goes in)
Jim: Hey guys, look what we've got here! It is another tin man, another awful tin man! I would rather see more aliens than half-breed, tin men...
(Boys laugh)
John: Hey, toaster face, what's your name?
Edward: (frightened) I'm Edward, I'm from...
(Another bully pushes him)
John: Nobody asked you where you were from, did they, toaster face?
(Edward looks down, kids push him around)
(Marty moves like he is going to get into a fight)
Doc: No, Marty, remember we cannot be part of anything that happens out of our time!
Jim: We should play some soccer with this piece of metal. (Laughs)
(Edward ends up in the floor along with all his books)
A group of kids approach the kid.

Kim: Hey, let me help you with that (other kids help too)

Alice: What happened?
Edward: What happens every time I go into a new school. People hate me because I'm... You know... Different...
Jane: That is just dumb, we all are!
Alice : You seem pretty cool to me. (Touching his head)
Jane: Why do you like metallic?
Alice and Kim: Jane!
Edward: It’s ok... It is because I'm half-bionic.
Boys: Cooool!
                                                                                                                                    Robert: Can you do robot like things?
Boys: Hey! Don't be rude!
Robert: Sorry, Edward.
Edward: It's ok. I can. I'm super good at math; I have special circuits on my brain.
Boys: Woooow
Alice: What else can you do?
Edward: I can break dance too (shows a dance move)
Boys: Awesome!
Kim: We love dancing! Maybe you can teach us some moves.
Harry: And we can  teach you some others too.
(Lady gaga-born this way)

Jim: So you like dancing, toaster head?
Joe: He asked you a question, toaster head!
Kim: We all do.
Andrew: I like dancing too.
Jim: Shut it, dork!
Kim: You shouldn't treat your friends like that. In fact, you shouldn't treat anyone like that.
Jim: Nobody asked your opinion about that!
John: You do treat us bad, Jimmy.
(Main bully hits the boy's head)
Kim: No wonder you were mean to someone as nice as Edward.
John: Nice? What could a toaster head possibly do that would be nice?
Alice: He is not a toaster head!
Kim: He is a good friend.
Harry: He helps us with math classes
Robert: And he is a great dancer.
John:  Does he help you with math?
Andrew: Even with hard homework?
Harry: Yes!!! Even with super hard stuff.
John: Can you help me too, Edward?
Edward: Yes! I can!
Andrew: And me?
Edward: I would love to.
James: Hey dummies! He is not our friend.
Harry: But I bet there is no problem with Edward.

Edward: Of course there is no problem.
Bullies: Really?
John: Thank you, Edward I'm sorry I misjudge you. Do you think you can forgive us?
Kim: You see, Jim? We can all be friends; there is no need to be mean.
Edward: Sure. Let's be friends.
Jim: But he is a toaster head!
Joe: Leave him alone, Jimmy.
Boys: Yes, Jim, leave him alone.
Kim: Jim, let's forget about all this.
Harry: Give it a chance.
Alice: Imagine if we were all the same.
Kim: Wouldn't it be boring?
Jim: I guess it would be. Edward, could you forgive me?
Edward: Yes! (They hug)

Marty: Wow! I didn't see that coming.
I wonder what happened to Edward.
Doc: Why don't we take a look?
Edward: (With a price in his hands) I'm so grateful for this science price. I would like to thank my family, and my high school friends that helped me understand how
important it is to embrace our differences.
(Friends cheer)

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