Friday, 23 November 2012

Express your feelings and experiences through the reading story

Write a comment about what your feelings are while you were reading.


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  2. Mirette on the high-ware

    The reading was really interesting because Mirette wanted to walk on the high-ware and at the end she made it.

    I had an experience lik that when I was 4 years old, I went to the circus and I saw a man that was walking in the high-ware and I wanted to practice.


    1. I felt happy because she accomplished her dream.

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  3. I feel happy becausei like the story and i understant the story.
    I conect whith the autum whith myfamily.
    And i conect whith the day when i go to an island
    And i go in bout.
    I like this story because i conect so much.

    Christian lemus mota

  4. Old bone
    My fellings are happy ,surprise ,and inteligent and my expirience is feel like a archeologist because the story is how find the dinosaur bones in the old west and one boy put the names of dinosaurs and build the skeleton of dinosaurs put a big blanket saw like a robot.

  5. In the story the girl saw a man walking on the high-ware and she aked the man to teach her but the man refused, so everyday she saw him walking, a day when the man finished walking the girl jumped to the high-ware and she felt down but she never gived up and at the end she made it.

    That part made me feel really happy.


  6. When I read the story I felt like I had a DEJA BU because one day I was groopy because I see like a ghost and I cant run and I was so scared that I cry so i shout and my dad comes to help me turning the light on and i saw that it was a reflect of light
    And not was a ghost and my dad tell me that ghost didnt exist and they only exist on my mind. B)

  7. While I was reading my feeling's were: I was exited because it was a story about a guy that find a turtle on the highway and it was very funny because their parents and her little sisters scared and scream very loud .Leo (the boy ) took his turtle to the school and the teacher said why he is sad every time ,so Leo straitened, the turtle was sad beacause no body want him so Leo be with him all de days and for first time the turtle smile.

  8. I connect with the story i read because One day I was at a friend's house and her mother had gone to the supermarket she told us that we had to bath the dogs and to put the rice on the stove we just put the rice on the stove but we dont set it on then we start to bath the dogs but she has 6 dogs and we took a lot of time. One dog doesn't like water and when we get it into the shower went crazy and got out, and began to run around the house and packed all of soap We resolve that. But in the kitchen was a cabinet next to the stove , one climbed it and jumped to the stove and throw all the rice! And when her mother came to the house, the house was Up side down! And we have to clean it!

  9. I feel happy because are many pites of animals in the worl in the land in the sea in the air is ,
    And i see in the sea many tipes in los cabos, yucatan,cancun and the persons go to see with
    Our eyes in the nigth they see in the corals of manyt tipes and this the reanson because i verry happy of the worl of many animals.


  10. I feel happy but at the same time iI feel angry
    I connect when i fought whit my sister
    I read the mouse and the elephant
    I like the story because is very interesting

  11. Mom can't see me

    The story i read was very interesting because is about a mom that can't see and She have a nice
    Family that take care of her .Also she need to use braille bumps and do different activities
    : practice tap, cook and play's the piano.

    I felt very sad about this story . Imagine that you have a blind mom i coud not support that my mom gets blind she coudnt see my things ,Also she will be very smart i thank God she is not blind


    The story was realy interesting because it is a story that two men that went to a rain forest and they want to throw out a kapon three ,and when they sleep a snake said that he live in the three, then a bird come and tell them that the birds always fly three by three taking the pollen of the flowers.
    at the end they change of opinion about throwing out the kapok three because the home of some animals would be removed.
    And I think that is injust because the animals didn't have home because some men throw their home out and they don't have guilt of anithing, and I always say "don't do what you don't want others to do to you".


  13. My story was about a kid that have's a sister that don't was to play with he

    He want's a diary and his mother ses that a diary was for a adolecents because adolecents have secrets and kids no he start to cry and her mother ses ok in the night when he so his sister playing alown he ses to his sister i can play with you noooooo I want to be alown! His mother ses go to pesc with your father and live alown your sister in the school they ses to he bad things .
    My feelings about the story was that my cousins older than I don't want to play with me