Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Time

Christmas in England in 1960


  1. Many years ago in the 1960's I met a couple of grandparents who came from Mexico City, and they asked me what music was  good to hear in  Christmas?? I told them that in Christmas English people like to hear carols sang by different artists, like the Beatles which are very popular in this year.  This group has written many  Rock songs including some Christmas carls and the most popular song at Christmas was  A Wonderful Christmas Time  written by Paul McCartney.  It was  being played at Picadilly Circus so they thought it was very  joyful  and asked me to play it.

    Rodrigo Amaury Renata <3 

  2. Food of Christmas in England

    The traditional Christmas dinner
    I remember when the grandparents came to our restaurant they wanted to know the traditional food of Christmas they order turkey and goose,brussels, sprouts, roast potatoes,cranberry sauce,with a cup of tea because that remembers to them when they where young and their happy moments toghether .
    Nadua , Karen and Sebastian :)

  3. Grandma:Oh, I remember when the Beatles started their tour around the world in 1960 and we saw them!!!

    Grandpa:Yes, it was a great concert,my favorite song was love me do because in that song we met.

    Gm: And how we went to Westminster disctrict and we toke a lot of fotos.

    Gp:But when we went to Picadilly circus you bought a lot of cloths in that shop.

    Gm:It was dark weekend!!

    Gp:The best visit we had was in trafalgar square where I asked you marriage.

    Gm:Yes it was the best day of my life!! I love you honey.

  4. Grandparents around the world.🇬🇧

    I want to tell you about an experienced that I had with a Mexican couple,that they didn't know about the traditional British food, they asked us what did I recommend for dinner.
    I told them basically, in England we use to eat beef,lamb,pork,chicken and generally served with potatos and other vegetables.
    The most common and typical food eaten in Britain included the sandwich,fish and chips,pies like the cornish pasty,trifle and roasted dinners .Some of our main dishes have strange names like Bubble & Squeak and Toad-in-the-Hole.But they wanted to eat another thing,so I offered turkey because it was Christmas time.
    They said that turkey sounded good,so they had turkey,then the Mexican couple enjoy the food and they left the restaurant very happy.
    Mica,Karla and Christian

  5. Christmas food in England

    I remember when Colombian couple came to our restaurant and I recomended our traditional food of Christmas, they ordered turkey and goose brussels sprouts, roast potatos, cramberry sauce with a cup of tea because reminds them when they where young in their cottage with sons and parents smiling and having a great time , with joyfull and alot of happiness
    Sebastian,Karen and Nadua