Thursday, 1 December 2011


Thanksgiving Activity:

Teams two people.

Answer the following questions about the Thaksgiving decoration that is in the classroom.

NOTE: Try to show good proficiency with thoughtful comments while answering the questions.

1. What do you understand as Thanksgiving Day?
2. Why is it so important for American citizens?
3. Do you like the kind of  food that is offered on Thanksgiving celebrations?
4. Choose one of the images from the photo and describe it in six lines.


  1.                                                      The simpsons

    In this image there  is a happy Family
     eating the turkey looks like a juicy and
     delicious turkey there is a grandma Simpson
     and a crazy man Bart and maly are covered 
    of something Green it is a happy family but they are to lazy .

  2. Box bunny
    Is a rabbit that have a blue suit and a blue hat
    with a black and yellow belt.
    In his hand it have grapes that are purple.
    It is in the grass and in front of the yard,
    the yard is brown.
    His suit is of a pilgrim.