Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Santa Claus. Who is he and how he came to be?

Answer the following questions about Santa Claus: 1. Who do you think is Santa Claus? 2. Do you if Santa Claus had really existed or no? Look put for information related to it 3. What is your opinion about Santa Claus? 4. Name three other ways how Santa Claus is called worldwide.


  1. 1. Mom and dad
    2. No
    3. Is a lie of oír parents
    4. Parents, papas, Les papas.

  2. 1 mother and father
    3. My mom and my dad are santa
    4.Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle

  3. 1.Santa claus didnt exist they are our parents.
    2.It doesn't exist its one or two of our parents.
    3.They are our parents.
    4.Saint Nicholas, father X-mas, Kris kringle

  4. 1.-mom and dad
    2.-no my dad and my mom are santa
    3.- my mom is santa clause
    4.- saint nicholas, father x-mas and kris kringle.