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FLASH: In a superheroes school, between Metropoli and Gotham city some superheroes were in the classroom.


BLACK PANTHER: In the SUPERPOWER advanced class, everything was awful ´cause some of them were enemies, and that was a bad bad thing.


THE JOKER:  Let’s take a glance.  Just watch  Batman,  Robin,  Green Lantern, Black Panther and Hawk Eye, are great friends.    They like to be rude and they  think themselves as very intelligent. (music Batman Prince)


B: Good morning my smart friends!

R: Holy Morning Batman, I read the quantic physics book all night.

HE: Well my friends I didn´t have a good sleep thinking about the third law of gravity applied to my arrows

BP: Ja, Last night I went to bed very late I just finished my poems’ encyclopedia.

B: Wow,   Perfect!  We are the best group in this school. Poor of them!!!


STORM:  Here is another group: Superman , Iron Man, Thor, Cap. America, Flash , they are the popular superheroes in the school, strong , handsome, and really nice guys. (music Superman 70´s)


SM: Work , work work hard! My body is perfect!

Iron Man: I´m great, handsome and billionaire haha

Cap. America: Look at my muscles, they`re awesome!

Flash: My legs are great and the fastest in this school , yeah!!

SM: We`re great, the best of the school!


ROBIN: Two weeks ago three new students entered the school.    They were accepted but the students felt uncomfortable cause they began to hear gossips about them.


STORM: AAAGHHH!!! this is awful, and I don’t want to be here!! Help meeeeee!!!


SpiderM: What´s wrong with you? This school is awesome, I waited many years to be here!!


Joker: hahahahaha I don`t know what to say, hahahahaha I just want some friends hahahahaha


STORM: Why are you laughing all the time?   Are you nuts?


GREEN LANTERN: Storm sat in a corner, she didn’t want to talk to anyone, but Batman invited her to be part of the Smart Group.


ST: What do you want?

B: I have noticed that you`re clever, do you want to be with the unique and best team of this school.

ST: MMMM I don`t know, maybe… mmm well yes I prefer to be with you, not with them!! Ahhhhgggg


THOR: Meanwhile, Superman intercepted Spiderman, and they began a good friendship. 


SM: Hi!! You are amazing, your powers are great!

SpiderM: Yes?? Really??? Thank you!!!! Oh well well Yes I´m great, and awesome and handsome, and…

Thor: Take it easy, we are Perfect!! Look at me , I`m a GOD!!!

Cap. America: We’re real superheroes, we’re struggling to have have an extraordinary school.  HA!

Flash: Do you want to be with us? 

Spider: Yesssssss!!! Great!!!!


CAP. AMERICA:  What happened with Joker? He is weird, always smiling , so nobody wanted to be his friend.  Instead they started to bully him.

In recess Superman and their friends started to throw his lunch and told him bad words.


SP:Look at that freak!   hahahaha give me your lunch!

TJ: No, I`m hungry!

SP: Freaky you’re weird (hahahaha) and terrible.

TJ: Why are you doing this?

SP:’Cause I want and I can, do you have a problem? hahahahaha


IRON MAN: Batman and his team did the same, they stepped on him several times.  Joker was very sad, he knew  his differences were huge, but he only wanted a friend.


B: Hey weird, watch out!!! hahahahaha

R: look at him, he`s a dump guy hahahahaha

Storm: I'll take some lightnings to wake you up fool!!

R:Holy light Batman!!

GL: Do you want more? weird weird weird!!!


HAWK EYE: The days went by, and Joker was sad and angry, ´cause everyone treated him bad, so he started to make a plan to have a revenge.


TJ: hahahahaha they´ll see my madness!


BLACK PANTHER: The Joker told Batman bad things about Superman, and The Joker´s revenge started. 


Joker: HI Batboy !!! hahahahaha

Batman: What do you want weird?

Joker: Do you know what is Superman saying   about you?


(The Joker whispers in Batman´s ear)


Batman:What????, What’s wrong with that piece of muscle??? He´ll see!!

Joker: hahahahaha I want to see it hahahahaha


SPIDERMAN: Batman was angry and he went with Robin and their friends, and they got angry too.

Superman´s team were doing exercise and having fun, when suddenly Batman´s team arrived and they started to shout them rude words. 


BATMAN: What happens with you allien?


ROBIN: Holy bad guys Batman!

CAP. AME.: We are the justice, we are always right, and you`re dangerous!!!

GREEN LANTERN: You`re so silly.

HAWK EYE: Let`s fight.......

SpiderM: Yes!!!


…and the fight started




SUPERMAN: Nobody won, they were really hurt, and The Joker was having lots of satisfaction, he was laughing of them. 

Suddenly Cap. America and Hawk Eye noticed the action, and they started to follow The Joker, he ran as fast as he could,  he almost escaped but Storm and Green Lantern caught him and took him to Superman and Batman.

Robin started to hit him, everyone was angry but Flash stopped him.


Flash asked The Joker :  Why did you do that? 

The Joker:  Cause all of you have been cruel with me and that makes me feel angry and sad.

Flash and Thor: We`re sorry, it wasn´t our intention. 

Flash to Batman`s team and Superman`s team:  It isn’t fair to treat anybody that way.    Everybody is different and we have to respect and accept them as they are.


Spiderman:“A great power is a huge responsibility”


Thor: I want to celebrate our friendship, let`s have a party

Everybody: Yeah!!!


BATMAN: So Superman and Batman organized a party that night , and finally they had fun and The Joker started to be an excellent student and a Superheroe,  why? Because all of us have a Superheroe inside.


(Dance Up Town Funk)



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