Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What I learn in the planetarioum


Venus is about the size of Earth and totates in the opposite direction ti the movment of the Earth.


Many culturas believed that their god was  Mars, also I learned that theres no oxigeno un Mars. 


Jupiter has 5 own asteroids and such is great fit nearly 3,000 planets the size of Earth.


Rings are form by frozen rocks.


In Neptune every season last 4 years.


Astronomers said that Pluto is a dwarf planet and also discovered Cedna another dwarf planet.

Another thing I learn in the planetarium was that comets are icy bodies that are converted from solid to gas.

Also I learned that Elepausa is the cocoon where the sun rotates. 

Humans launched several waves to better understand the Solar System.

We also showed that the sea is the inventor and the protector of the Earth and Panjea was the name of the land.

What I like is that a scientist said: The Earth is our cradle but do not spend much time in it.

Camila Velasco

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