Thursday, 21 March 2013

Shrek our story

Shrek and Fions enjoying their moments together


  1. Once upon a time in a far far away land
    There was a ugly , green, fat , and grumpy oger called SHREK who lives in a swamp one day he was in his house whatching TV , and someone knock at his door SHREK open the door he didnt see anyone we was surprised! and when he look down
    He saw small man of the town named lord farquaad he told SHREK that he
    will take his house to construct a new
    Castle so when he gets married with the lovely princess FIONA SHREK
    Get very angry and wanted to challenge lord farquaad going to see who was the first to married FIONA that was trapped in a cattle with a dragon
    guarding the cattle . In mean wile FIONA is drinking tea with other princes then the charming prince arrive to the cattle to ask fiona to get married with him fiona said no charming prince called his mom a magic fare his mom
    Get mad so she an enchant to fiona (turned into a oger)
    SHREK goes to the castle to rescue fiona and they get married End
    Christian and Karen

    1. The expirience is icual that others years
      We lear of the bullying and of the discrimination
      When Fiona accept Sherk to be spoces
      Yes to Shrek
      We discriminate Shrek because is a ogre
      Shrek is able because we discrimination

      Amaury y Christian

    2. My expierece of the was didn't do bullying in school if you want respect you have to respect

      I learn that the bullying is so bad because affect other persons

      In the song of " livin la vida loca"that you can dance the way you are.

      The bullying happen in different schools.

      The all the kids between the age of (6 to 17)

      Yes it was

      He was fat , horrible and he was an oger. Emiliano y Nadua

  2. We experimented the empathy making different personalities
    We learn to don't stayed quiet
    Every time when we rehearse it was very special
    Yes with all schools talking and trying to stop
    Yes, shrek face bullying when he understood that he was not ugly.

  3. We experienced the hard work that the directors and writers kneed to do for making a movie, also we learned that the bulling is very dangerous and affects a lot of people.We think that the most significant moment is when the bulling starts and also when bulling ends, bulling is a worldwide problem, we talked with other people from other places and they say that they also have bulling,it is happening because some guys think that they can budder people because they want, we have to stop it as in our movie that he could defeat the bulling and be happy. Shrek accepted his mistakes and faced the bullers.

    Kevin and Tere