Friday, 8 February 2013


We received the visit from a person born and living in Spain.  She shared with us her own experiences and we asked her questions of our interest, based on the researches we have been working for the last weeks.


  1. The actual king is Juan Carlos 1st and the president is Rajoy, he takes care of the economy , they had a very big economic crisis because they fired a lot of people. the only type of coin in Spain is the Euro, Spain has better roads and highways.
    The kids go to school from 8AM to 3PM and in the afternoons they have extra classes, to Mexico its good that the spanish people come, because our economy is growing and in Spain the economy is going down, but also can take important jobs to the mexicans. Most of the Spanish people is coming to Mexico and in some years Mexico can be a very big and important country.
    A lot of countrys had disapear so they can put the waterthere, when theres a drought ( that almost never happens) they recomend to save water. in some rural zones they dont have a lot of water, but underground theres a lot of water so they make wells all of the water is potable you can drink it everywhere.
    all years the cars need to pass drew a verification , then theres not a lot of pollution when it rains and theres a lot of wind , the wind blows all the contaminations.
    Every 4 years they have have ellections and they can repeat the president the times they want.
    The most important job in Spain is the ingeeniring. The president wants o privatise the hospitals.
    In Spain theres a lot of security.the kids between 10 and 12 years can go out walking alone in the streets.
    In Spain is a lot of classic music, they are trying to keep the tradition going on.
    Renata , Tere , Tony

  2. ����Spain ����
    In Spain the government is control with king and a president the president choose 4 years later or the president take chance to another person that he wants to take the power that is one job,and they have employments,the kids go to school alone or when the school are far her mothers go with them.The garbage are in the street like in here in Mexico, in Spain they don't missing water and electricity.