Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Independence Day!

Once upon a time there were 3 brothers : Eliza ,Damian and Gael
They lived in Chihuahua . The job of their parents was to take care
Of the animals, also de kids planted corn to eat . In that times
They couldn't have fun with their wooden toys.
One day they had an idea to invent a television, they worked very hard
For 5hrs .
Next day they found a space and they started creating a park.
When it started to rain a lightning fall in the park and the children
Started to cry,when rain stoped they saw that the park and the games
become colorful.

Since that time they were famous for inventing things so all kids
Of Mexico made a statue of the 3 siblings.

Amaury and Karen


  1. Once upon a time there was a place in America, That the Spanish people found. Everybody had a pet to take care of there houses, one day a man who was jealous because in Spain they didn't had pets, he took them away to all of New Spain people, Because it was suposed to be like Spain, one day a little girl called Fer found a little pink Rabbit , but the man took it away. She got so sad and went with Mr.Hidalgo and told him what was happening . She ran to the church and started ringing the bell, everybody ran to the church and Hidalgo said "we are going to start war" everybody liked the idea and fought against the Spanish People.

    11 years later... The war was finished, alot of people died but they were free! Fer rang the bell and said "We are free" . The next day she delivered all the pets and everybody was happy again!


    Tere , Renata. <3

  2. Once upon a time there was 1 boy and 1 girl.Their names were Jackson and Emily ,they were brothers .Their parents made Jackson to go to school and Emily to do chores with her mom.1 day in the night they get out of their house and go to a carriage station because there was there friend named Carlos.Emily asked Carlos can you teach us how to do a carriage? Carlos says sure , let work all the nigth.In the morning their parents wake up and mom said,were are the kids? and the father says I now they can be with Carlos.The parents get with Carlos and the parents saw a very big carriage that Jackson and Emily made,the parents were proud of them.

  3. The boy in the war
    Once upon a time when Mexican Independence War started, Gomez family decide to go to a safe place. The dad needed to go to the war and he brought tickets for his family to go by train to a safe place. When the train was leaving the son Diego forgot his ticket so he returned to their house but his mom and sister Paola didn't notice that he was gone. The train leave and Diego didn't toke the train so he took the next train but that train didn't go to the same place. Paola and her mom didn't know where Diego was. They searched everywhere but Diego wasn't in the train. Diego arrived and he didn't see his mom and his sister, he asked a polisman if he saw her mom and sister but any policeman saw them. Paola and her mom returned to the place where they live but they didn't him and they thought he died in the war and they went back to the safe place. Diego wasn't dead. The first year Paola went to school but the teacher beat them and the next year she decided not to go to school any more so she could help her mom in house. On the 18th birthday of Diego he entered to war because he throught it's an obligation to help his country. Independence War ended, Diego found his family and they lived happily ever after.


  4. Once upon a time there was a boy who was so sad because war began. So he took his things and he went to fight. His pet was giving him things like luck guns and weapons and other things to be secure. One day he was so difficult to kill but a person knew his fragile point and it was his pet. Thee person took the pet and the boy cried and cried for his pet, so he prepared and he took revenge. He found his pet and won the war, and he was happy forever­čśâ

    Rodrigo Maga├▒a

  5. Long time ago in 1810. There was a girl named Sally she wasbad in kitchen so she wanted to study , but her parents didn't let her. Shouted I want to study. It is not important what people say. I don't want to cook all day. Other girls also wanted to study , so they dicided all persons have the same rights . Finaly the parents left the girls study .

    Nadua Olmos Torres . Sebastian Villa Ramirez .