Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Healthy Living

Nowadays people must have a healthy lifestyle, and take care of themselves.


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    The food is good for us because give us energy and we don't be sleepy 
    The fruits are really good for us they are healthy and delicious.The people don't know how to eat healthy and correctly ,they eat chips ,hamburgers, French fries,pizza etc.

    I want that the city don't be in obesity because is bad for us all the city.
    Also we have to do allot of sport because our muscles ,bones are more stronger and you will be a thin person  micaela

  3.                                         Healthy living

    The peaple has to eat food with vitamins , minerals and  protein , and many activitis how fútbol, tennis, basebol, and no by lezy

  4.                                                     Healthy Living

    Food that contain vitamins ,proteins, and minerals keeps you healthy.
    If you follow the food piramid you will be healthy from your body and from your mind.

    Also if you do exercise you will be even better.

    But if you eat a lot of hamburgers and chipps etc. you will have a lot of cholesterol , you will be fat , and you will be tired.


  5. Healthy Living

    Fruits and vegetables are delicious and nutritions they have vitamins and some protein . meat also have it but you dont have to eat too much because it gaves you cholesterol.

    you have to do exercice but you dont have to go to extra classes if you have a dog you can go out and play with him or you can hang out with your friends. you also hve to drink water to have a better life and diet!


  6. healthy living

    Some healthy food can be beans,grains,raice,dairy products,
    meat etc....... but the most important healthy food are the
    vegetables and fruits beacuse it bring us calcium and vitamin
    d .

    we dont have to exed with young food beacause we can get
    in the illnes called obesity . also we need to drink water
    and do exercise almost 30 minutes at the day

    karen :)