Monday, 13 December 2010


Today we visited a Glass Factory, this is a very small factory, and we learned how to make glass ornaments.

Here there are some comments,

  • How are they made?
  • Did you like how to do them?
  • What about the material?
  •  What about the process?
  • Share your thoughts
  • Share some pictures


    1. 1.They are made them with glass,they put the glass in the fire and they blow it.
      2.Yes,it is very funny
      3.The material is glass that is made with sand
      4.The process is not difficult it is very easy and they work all the year.
      5.I tought that the process would be difficult and very long but that was not true
      Fernando Villegas

    2. 1.Esfera de navidad se dice christmas sphere.
      2.Se usa arena para hacer el cristal.
      3.Es muy facil su prosedimiento y muy divertido.

    3. 1. The workers made with really heat glass, the glass turn flexible and then, they blow up and the glass take the form that they need.
      2. yes,because are handcraf
      3. The glass came from sand
      4. it look easy and is little longer
      5. is funny, the workers must have experience because is a delicate process

      Morayma JIREH Gonzalez GARCIA #4

    4. Althoug I couldn´t go to the factory, my brother told me that it was really funny to see how a glass could be use to a beautifull christmas ornament.

      Reynier Puig Vazquez

    5. Que bueno que les gusto el paseo, siempre es interesante ver como se hacen las cosas y tener mas idea de lo que nos rodea.
      Cuidense. Miss Sonia

    6. I really likes the visit to the factory, making my own ornament was a very good experience.

      Miss Bibi

    7. A mi me gusto ir a la visita de las esferas porque aprndimos que de la arena se hace el vidrio y porque pudimos hacer nuestra propia esfera de Kristal

      Fabiola Arellano Estrop